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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Master of Time and Space - The Scientific Legacy of Nikola Tesla

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Master of Time and Space - The Scientific Legacy of Nikola Tesla
Posted By: TheInternaut [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 21-Jun-2012 14:25:51

Master of Time and Space - The Scientific Legacy of Nikola Tesla
By Sean Casteel
There are two sides to the human drama when it comes to the life of Nikola Tesla.
There is the side that is decidedly scholarly and academic with his innovative inventions that revolutionized the world...and then there is the opposite side of the coin, which is more provisional and includes the theory that the East European immigrant to the United States was possibly born on another planet and left on the doorstep of a family here, and that his discoveries were so far ahead of their time that upon his death his papers were gathered up and smuggled off by some super secret agency to a hidden location so that they could not be confiscated by Cold War enemies.
Nikola Tesla’s name should be legend, and his legacy of inventiveness should be known to grownups and children of all ages. He stands as a monument to what a single human can create over a lifetime, but he has been misused and denied, even vilified by those who seek to repress the world’s greatest inventor’s deserved accolades for bringing mankind into the 20th century equipped with the tools necessary for a life made much easier through technology. More technological advances have been made in the last 200 years than ever before in recorded history as we know it, and it was Nikola Tesla who led the way with so many original inventions that we presently take for granted. But we don’t hear about Tesla in the public schools, and the mainstream media rarely acknowledges that he even existed.
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  1. Nikola Tesla is the one person from history would really enjoy meeting. My children were raised knowing of him, friends who didn't know about him when we met, do now. Have been following his handiwork along with a few select others such as Luther Burbank for many years. They showed astonishing creativity and the persistence needed to accomplish their goals. Always their end goal was to make life better for all people.