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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prosperity Funds Gifting

Prosperity Funds Gifting

For those who are in desperate need of monetary assistance, may want to submit their request to receive economic help from individuals involved with the Prosperity Programs (PP).  These individuals who are in these Prosperity Programs are receiving billions/millions of dollars and want to help their communities by spreading the wealth.

John MacHaffie has done a wonderful job in setting up a place for those involved in the "PP" and those who need financial assistance.  These financial donations do not need to be paid back and are a gift, no strings attached.  If you are an organizational leader and do not need personal financial assistance you may still apply for the charity/organization that you would like to sponsor or develop.


Form To Request Financial Assistance

If you are part of the Prosperity Programs or a Dinar Investor than you may want to become a donor to those in need. John provides a link for you to be involved and get a list of people/organizations that need help.  The link for donors are

I do not know John MacHaffie personally or am affiliated with his websites.  I am just sharing information in which people have been asking about.  Please take responsibility and continue your due diligence into the major events that are about to present themselves to humanity.  These are exciting times!

My Best Wishes To You And Yours,

~ enerchi


  1. This is an unsolicited posting which one of Our OPC Angels told me about.

    Awesome ----- Now let's get this RV going and the funds distributed.

    Thank You Enerchi and may you be blessed.

  2. I'm a participant in the "Omega" program. To my knowledge, there has never been any official pronouncement of any kind by "Omega," including any mention of a gifting subprogram following funding by the main program. In fact, I don't know of any source having authority to make pronouncements on behalf of "Omega." If anyone knows otherwise, please explain and substantiate.

  3. My Oh My! When are you guys gonna learn. There are no Prosperity Packs and will be no Dinar RV.

  4. ye have little faith... be the change you wish to see. you don't like what you see in the world? Change it. Namaste