Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Please help us find the stolen horse trailer!!!!




CoryElle McCaffety

    Facebook Friends PLEASE SHARE!! 

    My dads 97' 3 horse Sidekick trailer was stolen from his house in Hockley, Tx.

    Please be on the look out for it.. has 6ft short wall and on the back of the trailer it has the names 'Steve and Renee' and their children's names!

    There was tack in the trailer and two saddles. One has Bubba Kendricks name on the cantel!

    If you have any information, you can call (936)870-6987.

    Please help us find the trailer and the sorry thief that stole it!!!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Trojan Horse Alert!

Trojan Horse 

Everybody--- listen up! You need to back out of this General Post Office giddy up and do not support their "Continental Army" --- it is a Trojan Horse operation.
The claims made by Keith Livingway that he bought the office of the United States Postmaster General -- basically at an estate sale--- should make you roll your eyes. That would be like me claiming to be a German Princess a hundred years after the German Monarchy died. Offices have no meaning and neither do titles once the organizations giving rise to them are defunct. 

The "office" he claims to hold was created by The United States of America, (Incorporated) which went bankrupt in 1907. 

Get a clue, here, gentlemen---- no incorporated entity is enabled to function as a sovereign government. 

That "thing" was no more your government than the "thing" sitting in Washington, DC now. 

They are both nothing but private, mostly foreign-owned, for-profit "governmental services corporations" that have used deceptively similar names to promote fraud. 

So when Keith says he is the "Postmaster General of the United States" and he refers to "The United States of America" you now know that it is a bogus claim and that that is not The United States of America referenced in our founding documents. 

The United States of America referenced in our founding documents was and is an unincorporated business entity owned and operated by the states and ultimately by the people of this country. Got that? Unincorporated. 

The actual office of the United States Post Master (land jurisdiction) is a completely different office from any "Postmaster" (sea jurisdiction). See the difference? Post Master -- two separate words in Upper and Lower case versus "Postmaster" -- one word run together? 

Here's another clue that Keith is bogus. 

No office of "Postmaster General" existed anywhere at all until after the Civil War when all this fraud began. Neither did we have any "Attorney Generals" or "Lieutenant Governors" or any of the other quasi-military offices and lingo. 

That is all part of the fraud. 

Now the same two crime syndicates that brought us the so-called "American Civil War"---- which was never declared and never ended with a peace treaty, and which is therefore revealed to be nothing but a stinking illegal private commercial mercenary fight on our shores---- think that they will cause trouble here again. 

They got us to fight each other once for their benefit and they think they will do it again. Are we dumb enough for that? 

They want a war because it profits them. 

They have taken out million and multi-million dollar life insurance policies on every American. They get to collect on those for every one of us killed. And they are hard up for cash. 

Just like a guy who takes out a life insurance policy on his wife, kills her, gets the money, and runs off with his mistress. Same crappola.

Not only that, but they get to avoid paying their debts to their Priority Creditors once they are dead--- and guess who their Priority Creditors are? That's right. You and me.

They did the same thing to the Jews in Germany. The Jews were the Priority Creditors of Hitler's government. 

And then, once we are dead, they get to come in and confiscate all our property--- our homes, businesses, all our personal effects--- as "abandoned property". That is their favorite excuse for their larceny. 

That's what they tried to pass off in the Philippines--- that the actual unincorporated government of the actual United States (not the Territorial United States, not the Municipal United States, not the corporations) no longer exists, and that all the land and gold and other assets belonging to the American states and people are up for grabs. 

Finally, the whipped cream on top of the shit pile--- they get to charge everyone who is left alive for the "service" of killing us. 

Have you all got the picture now? 

The way to "fight" these vermin is by exposing them and their aims, not by going along with their plan and giving them an excuse to start any armed fight on our soil. 

This is a bunch of criminals and it is a criminal matter--- not a political one.
Spread the word. Let everyone that you know in active duty military or retired military know what is going on here--- and otherwise give them no excuse to use violence. None. 

Wise as serpents. Gentle as doves.

Suspect In Scalia Murder Captured By Border Patrol–Here’s What We Know

The man identified as the unidentified man caught on video at the hunting resort the night Justice Scalia was murdered has been captured trying to flee the country. He is being held and questioned as a possible terrorist at an undisclosed location.

What we know from reports coming out of the Justice Department is that the man is in his mid to late 50s and is most likely responsible for at least a dozen politically motivated assassinations. He is also being questioned about involvement with the Vince Foster case, which means there is at least some suspicion that he is on the Clinton payroll.

His involvement with Scalia also puts him in cahoots with Obama’s Deep State shadow government. No other information about the shooter himself is available but there has been talk about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch being put into protective custody on information that there may be a hit out on him.

Authorities have been unsuccessful in obtaining warrants or any substantive evidence that could implicate the Clintons or Obama. Trey Gowdy is opening an investigation in congress later today.


Trey Gowdy’s Missing Investigators Found!

The two investigators who went missing after traveling to Arkansas have been found in a shallow grave in a wooded area more than 100 miles from where their truck was found. The two men, deputized agents of the federal government, were interrogated, tortured, covered with garbage bags and buried while still breathing, according to the local medical examiner.

The site was discovered after a local hiker saw a skull that an animal had most likely dug up and left on top of the grave. The surface was also scratched away, revealing some of the green Hefty bags.

Their bodies are being moved to Quantico for follow-up autopsies. The nature of their mission to Arkansas is still considered classified, but a spokeswoman for Congressman Gowdy said that they were headed to the Clinton Presidential library with a warrant to search the residence attached to it.

Since the men seem to have been abducted and killed before reaching their destination, there is no physical evidence tying them to the Clintons. While the US Attorney has fallen short on probable cause to even question the power couple about their involvement, a new warrant to search the Clinton Library was issued and served.

Of course, with so much warning since the men went missing, any evidence would have most likely been moved or destroyed. The Clintons have once again dodged a bullet by adding two more bodies to their count.


Man Who Died Of Thirst In Sheriff David Clarke's Jail Had Water Cut Off For A Week

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke
WASHINGTON ― A mentally ill man who last year died of severe dehydration in a jail run by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was kept in his cell for seven days straight after jail employees cut off his water supply, a prosecutor in Wisconsin said Monday.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that prosecutors told a six-person jury on Monday that cutting off water to Terrill Thomas’ cell was “highly irregular and contrary to standard operating procedure in the jail.” The comments came as part of an inquest into Thomas’ death, in which the jury decides whether there’s probable cause to charge anyone with a crime in Thomas’ death.
Assistant District Attorney Kurt Benkley told jurors that it “became apparent” that Thomas “was unable to tell people about his basic needs,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The jury is considering whether there is probable cause to charge any jail officials with abuse of a prisoner.

In a court filing last month, the district attorney argued that abusing, neglecting, or ill-treating a prisoner is a public welfare offense.

“Inmates are at the mercy of their jailors for basic life-sustaining necessities like water, food, and medical care,” the district attorney wrote in a court filing. “When a mentally ill inmate, like Mr. Thomas, is locked in solitary confinement without access to water, his life is totally in his jailors’ hands. The law much strictly require jailors to safeguard lives which are so completely entrusted to their care. Stupidity, thoughtlessness, indifference, and incompetence are not morally sufficient excuses nor valid legal defenses.”

Thomas’ death was included in The Huffington Post’s investigative project examining jail deaths across the United States in the year after the high-profile death of Sandra Bland in police custody in 2015. 

Clarke, a high-profile supporter of President Donald Trump who makes frequent appearances on conservative news outlets, appears to take a hands-off approach to managing the jail he’s charged with running and has deflected blame for the deaths that occurred on his watch. The Justice Department had been considering launching a civil rights investigation into the conditions at the Milwaukee County Jail, but the status of that potential investigation is unclear.
Erik J. Heipt, an attorney for Thomas’ family, noted that Monday was the one-year anniversary of his “senseless” death.

“He was a pretrial detainee in a mental health crisis. Instead of providing him with desperately needed treatment, the Milwaukee County Jail disciplined Terrill by locking him in an isolation cell, giving him inedible ‘nutraloaf’ to eat, and shutting off his drinking water supply for seven days—causing him to suffer and die from profound dehydration. Nothing like this should ever happen in an American jail,” he said.

“I am pleased that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office taking this atrocity seriously and hope that the inquest is the first step toward justice for Terrill and his family,” he added.

US Air Force employee among 23 men arrested in underage sex sting in Atlanta

  • Cops in Gwinnett County, Georgia announced nearly two dozen arrests Monday
  • Inter-agency task-force targeted suspected child sex predators online
  • Men are accused of talking to kids online and traveling to have sex with them
  • Alleged predators targeted both boys and girls, investigators say
A undercover police dragnet targeting online predators who chat with children and travel to have sex with them has led to the arrests of 23 men, one of whom is in the Air Force.

Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia announced the sting on Monday, saying a 15-agency task-force had made the arrests over the past five days in what it is dubbing 'Operation Spring Cleaning'.

The men, who range in age from 19 to 48, have been charged under a state law banning obscene communication with minors and communications for the purpose of meeting kids for sex.

Police say the men traveled to Gwinnett County from other areas around the Atlanta metro area with the intent to meet a child for sex. The men's interest in children included both boys and girls, police said.

Scott Robert Baxter, Tucker, GA, 34, retail employee
Andrew Sean Carroll, Dacula, GA, 19, grounds maintenance
Brian Dwayne Clark, Winder, GA, 41, mechanic
Alisha Gagguturu, Suwanee, GA, 23, job unknown
Left to right: Scott Robert Baxter, Andrew Sean Carroll, Brian Dwayne Clark, Alisha Gagguturu
Connor Fionn Hale, Lawrenceville, GA, 23, unemployed
Demetrius Deshawn Harper, Lawrenceville, GA, 22, automotive technician
Joel Blake Jackson, from Braselton, GA, 22, gas station attendant
Rasesh Jagtap, Alpharetta, GA, 33, information technology specialist
L to R: Connor Fionn Hale, Demetrius Deshawn Harper, Joel Blake Jackson, Rasesh Jagtap

The operation also targeted those who were willing to exploit children by paying for sex with a minor.
Those arrested were employed in such fields as warehouses, maintenance, IT,  construction, and retail, and some were unemployed, according to police.
One man arrested, Edward Harold Ramsey of Wichita, Kansas, is in the US Air Force.
Since 2014, Georgia police have arrested 77 people in stings similar to this one, which police called a 'proactive undercover investigation'. 
Akshat Jasra, Alpharetta, GA, 35, software consultant
David Kelley, College Park, GA, 22, model display builder
Steven Anthony King, Clarksville, GA, 26, warehouse employee
Horacio Mendoza, Lawrenceville, GA, 48, construction worker
L to R: Akshat Jasra, David Kelley, Steven Anthony King, Horacio Mendoza
Andrew Ryan Murphy, Norcross, GA, 22, janitor
Max Park, Suwanee, GA, 37, unemployed
Edward Harold Ramsey, Wichita, KS, 24, USAF
Melchior Simon, Duluth, GA, 28, unemployed
L to R: Andrew Ryan Murphy, Max Park, Edward Harold Ramsey, Melchior Simon
'This successful operation was a partnership amongst all the agencies involved,' Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Debbie Garner said in a statement.
'We will continue to aggressively work together to protect our children,' she said. 
The GBI was the coordinating agency in the undercover operation, in which state, federal, and local law enforcement participated.  
Martinez-Torres Sixto , from Norcross, GA, 30, electrician
Brett William Smith, Jr., 35, floor installer
Zadok Smith, Duluth, GA, 27, furniture assembler
James Evan Soggs, Sandy Springs, GA, 20, warehouse employee
L to R: Martinez-Torres Sixto, Brett William Smith, Zadok Smith, James Evan Soggs
Adis Spahic, from Lawrenceville, GA, 40, warehouse manager
Ertiza Talukder, Lawrenceville, GA, 23, hotel employee
William David Warren, Winder, GA, 41, shop foreman
L to R: Adis Spahic, Ertiza Talukder, William David Warren


1. Scott Robert Baxter, Tucker, GA, 34, retail employee
2. Andrew Sean Carroll, Dacula, GA, 19, grounds maintenance
3. Brian Dwayne Clark, Winder, GA, 41, mechanic
4. Alisha Gagguturu, Suwanee, GA, 23, unknown
5. Connor Fionn Hale, Lawrenceville, GA, 23, unemployed
6. Demetrius Deshawn Harper, Lawrenceville, GA, 22, automotive technician
7. Joel Blake Jackson, from Braselton, GA, 22, gas station attendant
8. Rasesh Jagtap, Alpharetta, GA, 33, information technology specialist
9. Akshat Jasra, Alpharetta, GA, 35, software consultant
10. David Kelley, College Park, GA, 22, model display builder
11. Steven Anthony King, Clarksville, GA, 26, warehouse employee
12. Horacio Mendoza, Lawrenceville, GA, 48, construction worker
13. Andrew Ryan Murphy, Norcross, GA, 22, janitor
14. Max Park, Suwanee, GA, 37, unemployed
15. Edward Harold Ramsey, Wichita, KS, 24, USAF
16. Melchior Simon, Duluth, GA, 28, unemployed
17. Martinez-Torres Sixto , from Norcross, GA, 30, electrician
18. Brett William Smith, Jr., 35, floor installer
19. Zadok Smith, Duluth, GA, 27, furniture assembler
20. James Evan Soggs, Sandy Springs, GA, 20, warehouse employee
21. Adis Spahic, from Lawrenceville, GA, 40, warehouse manager
22. Ertiza Talukder, Lawrenceville, GA, 23, hotel employee
23. William David Warren, Winder, GA, 41, shop foreman

104 Men Arrested in Child Sex Sting

York Regional Police in Aurora, Canada has announced that 104 men have been arrested in a child sex sting named Project Raphael that lasted four years.
CBC reports:
Det.-Sgt. Thai Truong, spokesperson for York Regional Police, said undercover officers put ads online to find men looking for escorts. The sting was part of what police call Project Raphael.
When men responded to the ads, they were told that they were talking to children, aged 13 to 16. Most of the men stopped communicating at that point. The officers involved were undercover agents.
Truong said there were no actual victims in the police investigation.
The men who were charged were from ages 18 to 71.  Many of the men were married and all were from a variety of backgrounds and employment.

 According to Truong, 40 cases have been resolved to result in 32 men pleading guilty, five cases being withdrawn and three found guilty after going to trial.
Sixty-four cases are still before the courts.

"All of the men that were arrested were arrested for essentially attempting to purchase prostituted children," said Truong.  So, if we look at it from another perspective, from a preventative measure, we've stopped 104 men from purchasing 104 children."

"The biggest challenge for us when we're dealing with prostituted children is that enlisting their cooperation is very, very difficult. Getting them to trust me, getting them to tell us what has happened is challenging," he said.  "The world of human trafficking is an ugly world."

He warned that social media has now begun to play a major role in trafficking.
"If they're using social media, the pimps are trolling," he said.  "Every day, there's some other application out there."

Susan Orlando, provincial co-ordinator of the human trafficking prosecution team at Ontario's attorney general ministry, claims that the investigation has "shone a light" on pedophilia and a demand by adults for sex with children.
"These girls experience significant and long-lasting trauma from which most never recover," she said.  "Young lives are irreparably damaged, some completely destroyed and some lost completely."

"Exploiting the most vulnerable segments of our society and our youth for personal gain, whether it's for a John's sexual gratification or a pimp's financial gain, is among the most abhorrent criminal conduct and transgression of our moral code that exists in our society today," Orlando added.


How to Correct Your Political Status and Why

By Anna Von Reitz

Chances are you aren't obligated to be considered any form of federal Municipal CITIZEN nor as a federal Territorial Citizen, but you have been entrapped in a profit-making scheme that pretends that you have knowingly and willingly agreed to act as a volunteer federal employee--- specifically, as a "Withholding Agent" -- a Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marine Service, and that you have purposefully and knowingly enrolled in the Social Security program which is only available to federal employees in order to receive benefits from the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) which was organized in the wake of the Civil War for welfare relief of former plantation slaves.

What? You never worked a day for the federal government? You were never told that "Social Security" is only for federal employees and dependents? You aren't a former plantation slave? You never got any benefits?

Well, then, you have to stop calling yourself any kind of "US citizen" --- because citizens all work for the government. They have a duty and obligation to obey every statute, code, and whim of the government as a result, and they are also liable to pay federal income taxes. You also have to stop voting in any "US elections" including "State of State" elections, because the States of States are just local franchises of the federal corporation(s) defined at 28 USC 3002 (15).

So, Step One--- withdraw and rescind any and all applications and enrollments as a "registered voter". You have no natural interest in the elections of a foreign corporation that you don't work for, right?

If you don't get a paycheck direct from the federal government and you don't want to function as a for-free Withholding Agent and aren't interested in any "benefits" that you pay for yourself and don't want to be held subject to the whims of a foreign entity that is supposed to be providing you with Good Faith Service instead-- then read on.

You have been mis-characterized and defrauded and you have prima facie evidence of that readily available. You think of it as your Birth Certificate, but it isn't. It is a "certification" that a federal MUNICIPAL "PERSON" was created and named after you and that at one point in your life you were a real American. You were born on your birthday, but the MUNICIPAL PERSON has a birth date which is several days or weeks later---the filing date shown on the certificate.

Please note that the "Birth Certificate" is printed on bond paper. It is a security instrument. Please also note that it has been signed by the Registrar --- an officer of the probate court. This is prima facie evidence that your earthly estate was probated when you were only a few days or weeks old and that it was seized upon by the State of ___________ or STATE OF_________ and operated for its benefit from that time on.

So, Step Two---- ditch the federal MUNICIPAL PERSON and the responsibilities and obligations associated with it.

You need to get the Birth Certificate authenticated if that is still possible in your state, or certified, if not, and then you need to endorse it and "surrender" it to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
(Please note the two dots between the "U" and the "S"----- the U.S. Treasury.) and make Steven T. Mnuchin the Fiduciary responsible for IT.

The endorsement is simple but exact. The authenticated or certified Birth Certificate that the birth State Secretary of State sends back to you will have a cover page riveted or hard stapled and firmly attached to the front of the BC. You leave that cover page attached and on the front of the BC itself in the upper left hand corner and in red ink you write: "Accepted by Drawee" and sign it by: Your Upper Lower Case Signature, and date it.

Then turn the BC over and on the back anywhere write: Pay to the Order of the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. Without Recourse. And again, write--- by: Your Upper and Lower Case Signature, and date it.

Next comes the Form 56, which is the IRS Form called "Notice of Fiduciary Relationship". This is your Notice to Mr. Mnuchin that you are making him and his office responsible for the PERSON named after you.

The Form 56 is very simple -- the name of the PERSON is the NAME on the BC which you are returning to the Treasury.
The name of the Fiduciary is Steven T. Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury. You can look up the address online. I believe it is 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20220.

Section A (f) --- "Other" -- Public Commercial Trust Administration

Section B(4) -- Check (a) (b) and (h) "Other" and just say, "All forms that may be necessary".

On the back, Part II, 7 (C) "Other" --- Surrender of federal "PERSON" to U.S. Treasury

On the back, Part III "Court and Administrative Proceedings" --- enter the name and address of the agency issuing the BC. The "date proceeding initiated" will be the File Date which is never your birthday, but a few days or weeks later. The "docket number" will be the State File Number on the BC. The time will be the time you were actually born, and the place of "other" proceedings will be "usa".

On the back, Part IV, "Signature" ---- you write the word "by" like a by-line to a newspaper story---- by: Your Name (Upper and Lower Case), Authorized Representative, and the date.

Underneath the Signature is a blank space. It is appropriate to say that you wish to be indemnified against claims or losses under the sovereign usa Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US.

This is basically a bond posted in behalf of all the actual states of the Union and all the people living in those states insuring them against any further claims related to the MUNICIPAL PERSON(S) they have surrendered back to Mr. Mnuchin.

And that is that. You have now surrendered the MUNICIPAL "CITIZEN" back whence it came and you have insured yourself against any further claims or losses or charges brought against that PERSON.

Along with the Form 56 you should include a brief letter stating that it is your instruction to operate exclusively under 100% commercial liability and without benefit of any limited liability or other benefit of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT).

You are going to send this package of documents via Registered Mail to the Treasury. Each red and white Registered Mail label (available with instructions at all Post Offices) is unique and has an alpha-numeric identifier to track it. This includes a nine-digit number that is compatible with the federal system. As part of your assignment letter, instruct Mr. Mnuchin to open a Treasury Direct Account with that number and to please inform you when it is open for business. Also ask him to settle all debts and charges related to YOUR NAME and deposit the remainder and all other credits owed into the new Treasury Direct Account.

Thank him for his time and attention.

Well, that was a Royal Pain and you shouldn't have ever been entrapped and obligated by your employees in the first place, but now you have taken action to sever the presumption that you are volunteering to act as a federal MUNICIPAL CITIZEN, and nobody can say otherwise. From now on, "IT" is Mr. Mnuchin's problem and you are indemnified against any further claims or complaints related to "IT".

Step 3.... Notify both the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service at Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, P.O. Box 480, Holtsville, New York, 11742-0480 and the Internal Revenue Office of the Commissioner, Room 3000, 1111 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20204-0002, that you have retired from all presumed federal service and you are revoking your election to pay federal income taxes effective October 1 of 2016. Send these Notices via Registered Mail, too. Save a copy and the mailing receipts and the Green Card Return Receipt Requested for your Eternally Done and Over File.

No more Voter Registration, no more obligation to file Federal Income Taxes and no Municipal United States PERSON for the US DISTRICT COURT -- that is, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION DISTRICT COURT to address.

That much is done and over.

But there's more.

You also have to rebut and return the allegation of Territorial United States Citizenship. You do this by recording an Act of Expatriation.

This is as simple as saying that your allegiance is to the soil of your native birth state, say, Louisiana, and that you act only as a private American state trading vessel and birthright member of the unincorporated private trade association doing business as The United States of America.

Now, no matter what kind of word-smithing and duplicitous redefining of terms that goes on forever afterward, no incorporated entity or franchise of any incorporated entity can claim that you are operating as a Foreign Situs Trust belonging to them or abandoned for their benefit---- which was FDR's fraudulent claim against Americans in 1933.

You have declared that at home you are living on the land and at sea your Name is an American vessel engaged in international trade--- not subject to federal regulation of commerce and owed all the protections of the actual Constitution and treaties backing it.

So now they have no grounds to "presume" that you are a Territorial United States Citizen, either.

X and X.

Finally, the rats have created "International Organizations" and run them "in your name". You need to seize upon these organizations and file liens against them. You do this using a UCC-1 Financing Statement Form. The organizations doing business as your FIRST MIDDLE LAST and FIRST M.I. LAST are the DEBTORS and your non-Territorial Lawful Trade Name (aka Christian Name-- First Middle Last) is the Secured Party. This is not a Notice of your interest, because you have already given plenty of public notice. You can lien these organizations directly by checking the "Non-UCC" claim in Box 6.

When filling out the UCC-1 Form be sure to write the names in the proper style. Everything related to the DEBTORS including USA should be in all capital letters. Everything related to the Secured Party should be Upper and Lower Case, except that for the Secured Party it should be "usa" --- the actual organic states.

And now, finally, you have provided your employees with a fistful of paperwork refuting all their lies and presumptions about you. They can no longer presume anything about your political status, except that it is private and that you are operating lawfully and without any obligation to them or their organization. Quite the opposite--- they are in fact your employees and obligated to you.

Your final stop should be the State Secretary of State's Office to present him with another copy of "your" authenticated/certified BC.

I want you to stare that man or woman right in the eye and say: "This is prima facie evidence of a Public Trust....."

If necessary, continue on----- "and also prima facie evidence of intent to defraud."

"I have reclaimed my birthright political status and I want the proper passport I am owed. If you aren't authorized to issue it, get on the phone and find out who is."

If they attempt to drag you into one of their courts ask them where they will find the authority to address you? And where will they find a jury of your peers?

The Great Fraud is over.

The international trustees responsible for this Mess know that it is. You know that it is. It is just a matter of time before the whole world wakes up and goes---- WT.....?

See this article and over 500 others on Anna's website here:www.annavonreitz.com

A Very Important Announcement--- The Nature of the Battle

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning it comes across my desk that the foreign organization calling itself "General Post Office" is assembling an "army" to invade the Continental United States. 
Let me point out that no such foreign entity has any right to be on our soil ---and that includes the forces of the UN Corp and NATO and the US ARMY. 
We are not allowing any additional illegal commercial mercenary actions to take place on our soil and we don't care who is trying to do it or under whatever name or NAMES they are seeking to accomplish these venal ends.  You can call yourselves God, Mother, and Apple Pie for all I care and the answer is still the same.  You have no right to be here causing trouble on our soil.
Just because they got away with it during the so-called Civil War and succeeded in getting us to stupidly fight against each other instead of dispatching the perpetrators of these illegal "wars" doesn't mean that they are going to pull it a second time. 
We will not fight among ourselves, but will draw the distinction and the line very clearly for all the world to see. 
The foreign corporations inhabiting the foreign jurisdiction of the Municipality of Washington and the District of Columbia have nothing whatsoever to do with the American states or their people---- these entities are subcontractors who are supposed to be here providing "essential government services" in Good Faith. 
Judge for yourselves if they are doing that and who the aggressors and criminals are? 
This is a criminal matter--- not a political one.
And it needs to be addressed in terms of crime and it will be. 
These corporations that are offering to do violence on our soil need to be liquidated and the person(s) uniquely responsible for doing that duty are Pope Francis and the Roman Curia. This is because they created all forms of corporations that exist in this world and they are responsible for making sure that they operate lawfully. 
If they fail to pull the plug and the funding of the "General Post Office" and the "UN Corp" and any other corporation that offers to harm us---- "JAPAN", "Raytheon", "General Electric" or any other incorporated organization bent on harming actual people and our land, then it is clear to the entire world that they are part of the problem, not the solution.  
These corporations have one duty--- to fulfill the contractual obligations created by the actual constitution; instead, they are fighting among themselves and making all sorts of insupportable claims about land, gold, and other assets that belong to the American states and people and not to them at all.
Enough of this ridiculous situation. 
The land belongs to us as it always has and titles taken and enforced under color of law and in breach of trust and under conditions of self-evident deceit and fraud are crimes.  Nothing more. 
Today, it is possible to simply cut the availability of funds to such organizations and dissolve their charters---- deny them the ability to exist and identify them as outlaw organizations, aka, international crime syndicates--- and in very short order, they cease to exist in any effective sense of the word. 
Any assets then revert to their creditors and in this case, the American states and people are the priority creditors bar none. 
For those faithful militiamen and others who are concerned and "getting ready"---- being ready for whatever comes is always a good idea and Nature does not absolve us from that responsibility--- but this is not a battle of arms and armies.  This is a battle of truth against falsehood and fact against fiction----criminal corporations against the organic states and people of the entire world. 
Participants in any commercial mercenary action on our shores will be identified simply as what they are-----criminals, whether they wear uniforms or not.  And we could care less what flag they fly or what ditty they whistle. 
Anyone including the Pope who fails to take drastic action to prevent any such unpleasantness is a criminal also, as an accomplice to the crime. 
So use your mouths to get the word out and raise your voices and point your fingers at the actual source of the problem----- dishonest politicians and dishonest international bankers making insupportable "claims on abandonment" and seeking unjust enrichment.

If the Pope fails his duty to liquidate the offending corporations causing these dangers and problems, then point your fingers at the Pope, too.  Don't bother to fight among yourselves.  Just hunt down the politicians and the bankers responsible and bring them to trial for crimes against humanity.
See this article and over 500 others on Anna's website here:www.annavonreitz.com