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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why I Think Trump & Putin Are Trolling The World Right Now


  1. I agree that certain leaders are fooling the opposition with Trump...the missiles were launched to hit ISIS targets. Here's my take on North Korea and why we are really over there. Kim Jung has already been taken out of power. We are there to facilitate and to help with installing a new leader in North Korea, as well as to help to manage a population shift for millions in that region. This is why China has troops on the help transition the population shift. Whenever a new leader is coming into a previously hostile Government, you need military strength to make sure everything and everyone is on the same's a massive undertaking. The U.S. would never let a rogue leader like Kim bring nuclear war to the would never happen that way.....he was snatched up a long time ago.

  2. This kids critical thinking is far greater than the norm. Notice how he weighs ALL the evidence allowing it to process before putting the pieces together. Right or wrong he's a very impressive young man.