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Thursday, January 11, 2018


No inhertance tax on farms
Crop insurance
No more water rule
Broadband Internet in rural areas
100% write-offs in same year purchases of equipment made

Gary Larrabee Comments:


  1. 100% write off seems to imply there will still be an income tax. Aren’t we of the mind set that income tax was never lawful?

  2. Our understanding is tax will be collected only on NEW - BRAND NEW - equipment (cars, trucks, TVs, etc) purchases and not on anything else. Supposedly the IRS no longer has any authority to collect "personal income tax" from the people and, in fact, is to be REFUNDING all monies EXTORTED from the people. That is to be their job now along with records of the tax collected on NEW purchases. Any attempts to continue to extort taxes from the people is a legal offense. Many employees of the IRS have been let go. THE QUESTION IS: WHEN WILL THE REPUBLIC, RV/GCR, NESARA BE ANNOUNCED PUBLICLY? WHY THE CONTINUED DELAY? WHEN WILL THAT G-D AWFUL GOLD FRINGE ON OUR FLAGS BE REMOVED ONCE AND FOR ALL? WHEN will the employers be instructed to IMMEDIATELY STOP EXTRACTING THE ILLEGAL TAXES FROM THE PEOPLE'S PAYCHECKS? Can anyone better inform the people here?

    1. When will that awful gold fringe be removed? When we have at least 2/3 states and counties settled with jural assemblies and we can self govern. That gold fringe is military tribunal. The UNITED STATES INC. corporation is insolvent and the military is running the show waiting for the people to step up and resettle the land with the assemblies. Guess I need to keep saying this over and over just like Anna Von Reitz does...

  3. Uhhh. . . You can choose which flag you fly, all by your little bitty self! And, you can assert your preference wherever you go. YOU are the one in control, not them. Once you realize that, the light comes on and you have one of those, "Oh WOW! " moments!

    1. That's why I fly the flag with blue stars and vertical stripes. It is shown on the left side of this blog. It is called the civil peace flag. I choose that flag.

  4. just some dude with dslJanuary 13, 2018 at 1:14 AM

    Gold fringe and chemtrails are the bottom line towards the end of evil... As long as that shit continues its a warning sign that we are not free...